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Fleece-lined tops

It has an intricate design with ruffled ribbon sewn on.

Little Hedonist

A Dutch brand that aims to create clothes that children can wear all year round, focusing on high quality, durability and comfort.

We believe that making long-lasting clothing contributes to environmental conservation and a better future for our children, so we offer a range of basic, sustainable items made from organic and recycled materials.

-Stop wearing out, start wearing well. Join us in this movement.

-Stop wasting your clothes and wear more of each outfit.

This brand has adopted this slogan as it is sincerely working towards a bright future for children through children's clothing.

【last 1:122-128】sweater with tuleKATJA ivory cream

¥7,260 Regular Price
¥2,904Sale Price
  • 95% organic cotton

    5% EA