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mimookids iconic one-piece

The chest buttons

2-3y sizes have decorative buttons with Velcro on the back

From 3-4y size onwards, the colours are different to match the buttonhole threads.

This prevents buttons from being buttoned incorrectly.

The buttons themselves are large

It is designed to be easy for children to put on and take off by themselves.


Designed based on the Montessori education system

All children's clothing made in Spain.

There are many clothes on the market that are difficult for children to put on and take off by themselves,

We want to offer young children the possibility to become more independent in their daily lives.

With this in mind, Monika, who is also a child-raising child, started the brand.

She felt the importance of children being able to do things for themselves.

Incorporating the ideas of Montessori education

We offer clothes appropriate for the children's age.

Clothing helps children develop self-confidence, colour learning and fine motor skills.

- Use as little water as possible

-No plastic

- Reduction of CO2 emissions, etc.

We are committed to addressing environmental issues by carrying out all our manufacturing processes in Spain.

The collection is beautifully colored and designed with children in mind.

It will surely be an irreplaceable gift for your child.

I think it will come in first place.

[last 1:5-6y] Easy-Dress Green Olives

¥8,360 Regular Price
¥1,672Sale Price
  • 50% recycled cotton

    50% organic cotton

    Global Recycled Standard & Oekotex certified