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A pair of shorts with a beautiful blue-green color

It's a pretty color that goes well with white spring/summer tops.

Green chino-style shorts

  • 100% cotton

  • 2-3y: Waist 21cm Hip 32cm Rise 26cm Inseam 4cm

    3-4y: Waist 22cm Hip 35cm Rise 27cm Inseam 4.5cm

    4y: Waist 24cm Hip 35.5cm Rise 27cm Inseam 6cm

    6y: Waist 27cm Hip 37.5cm Rise 29cm Inseam 8cm

    8y: Waist 28cm Hip 39cm Rise 31cm Inseam 9cm

    10y: Waist 29cm Hip 43cm Rise 33cm Inseam 12cm