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Sleeveless top with swallow embroidery on collar

Wear it as an inner layer and show off the collar, or unbutton it and use it as a vest.

It can be used for multiple purposes.

Navy blue blouse with bib collar

  • 100% organic cotton

  • 18-24m: Length 26cm Width 28cm Shoulder width 21cm

    2-3y: Length 28cm Width 29.5cm Shoulder width 21.5cm

    3-4y: Length 29.5cm Width 30cm Shoulder width 23cm

    4y: Length 30.5cm Width 30.5cm Shoulder width 24cm

    6y: Length 33.5cm Width 33cm Shoulder width 26cm

    8y: Length 36.5cm Width 37cm Shoulder width 27cm

    10y: Length 40cm Width 39cm Shoulder width 29.5cm