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Only 86-92 has a snap button on the left shoulder


Made with certified organic fabrics

We strive to create fair trade clothing during the production process.

Dutch baby and kids clothing brand

Each season's collection has a theme.

Multiple motif patterns based on the theme

All of the designs are sure to tickle the child in you.

The collection is full of unique personalities and is a highlight of the collection.

Lion - crewneck t-shirt with print

  • 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane

  • 86-92:

    Length 38cm Width 27cm Sleeve length 24cm


    Length 41cm Width 30cm Sleeve length 27cm


    Length 44cm Width 32cm Sleeve length 28cm


    Length 48cm Width 34cm Sleeve length 30cm


    Length 52cm Width 36cm Sleeve length 32cm